I just bought my Wonder Woman comic and these were the last two pages. Wonder woman makes me extremely happy.


Which issue is this? I legitimately need to know.

i hate nu52 and what they did to wonder woman but this is really cute.

After Luke left for America with his parents, Hershel took Flora and went to Monte d’or. When he arrived, the first thing he did was go to Randall’s. One day when Angela, Flora, and Henry went out to give Hershel and Randall some time for themselves, Hershel broke down sobbing in Randall’s arms. It was like that even after Henry, Angela, and Flora returned. After that, they all comforted him until he felt the least bit better.
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WIP #…I forget which number I’m on.



So basically, the only one who isn’t… finished is Pohatu. I’m having a tad bit of trouble figuring out what colors I want to use on him.

But I know I had the palettes done like.. earlier, but it took a while to actually get them to fit. Because in the end, a LOT of the initial colors I had picked didn’t work. And then once I colored some things, I noticed some severe issues.

With the help of a few friends (Kyo, MK and Loki), we fixed some colors and some of the proportional issues.

Also not fixing Gali and her… problems because.

So, if you see something that sticks out to you in terms of the color choice, lemme know. I’ll need more time to work with Pohatu to see if I can get some interesting colors on him. Each Toa is supposed to differ from their current-Manga forms. Why? Because the current toa are in weakened states. These are their final forms. And Pohatu… is very close to his current form (his changes are mostly related to armor and becoming more aerodynamic to allow him to move faster and lighter). But anywho. Time to go get sleep.

On the one hand: I do not want to be at work for 6 again tomorrow.

On the other hand: I just spent a bunch of money to take an online colege class in children’s fantasy literature and I need money for that.

On the same hand: I’m done at noon which will give me plenty of time to pick up Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.

On the first hand: It’s either going to be super busy or absolutely dead because Monday is a holiday.

Okay remember that a while back there was a porn blog following me?

Well they went away and now there’s another one please help I don’t know why this is happening I do not post/reblog porn.  I respect your right to porn blog but I really don’t know what you’re going to get out of following me because I am not visiting your blog.  Shoo.